Howlin’ Wolf / Muddy Waters Cigar Box Guitar with Magnetic Pickup

Value: $195.00
(as of Feb 24,2019 17:40:00 UTC – Information)

This is a hand-crafted in the U.S.A. cigar box guitar adorned with the impression of a Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters live performance poster. Two of the largest Delta Blues musicians, they moved north to Chicago and ended up the biggest names in building the Chicago Blues seem. Every were the best stars on the famous Chess Records label. Both had been important influences of rock songs. –This instrument is designed with a Arturo Fuente brand cigar box, The hand-carved neck is maple, fretted on an oak fretboard. It has a bolt nut, bolt bridge, hinge tailpiece, strap buttons, chrome tuners, corners and audio holes. The scale is 25″ (length between the nut and the bridge) and is tuned to open up E (E B E). It could also be tuned to an open up G or open up D. It has a single pole magnetic pickup and rooster-head quantity regulate, so plug it into an amplifier! –The a few string cigar box guitar grew out of a custom of home made devices built by people with tiny money. An instrument of hard situations, people employed ingenuity to develop guitars out of located or scavenged resources. Quite a few early blues and region musicians performed on instruments like these. Lately, there is certainly been a resurgence of fascination in cigar box guitars. People today wanting to hook up to a additional roots blues, region or rock variations locate these devices a good way to recreate individuals seems. It also seems to be wonderful hanging on a wall! –This guitar is a hand produced folk-artwork instrument constructed by musician Gary Reichel and has some imperfections to in shape in with the spirit and folk artwork tradition of the cigar box guitar. It can have a region, blues or rock sense to it and is easy and enjoyable to engage in!A few-string Cigar Box Guitar designed with a Arturo Fuente Manufacturer Cigar Box
Maple Neck — Oak Fretboard — 25″ scale
Bolt Nut Bolt Bridge Hinge Tailpiece Strap Buttons
Open up E tuning — Chrome Tuners, Seem Holes & Corners
Single Pole Magnetic Pickup with Rooster-Head Quantity Handle